Volume 4: John Cage

Table of Contents

Rand Brandes & John Cheek, Guest Editors

Blake Hobby, Executive Editor
Brian Butler, Associate Editor

April 2013

Introduction by Rand Brandes & John Cheek
Blue With China Ink—Homage to John Cage by Robert Motherwell
The Asian Factor in John Cage’s Aesthetics: An Introduction with a Previously Unpublished Interview with Cage from 1976 by Holly Martin
Cage Asleep; Sonnet Cage; Irwin Kremen Mesostic: A Chance Remark by John Cage; Grabowski: Cage and Cunningham at Duke; Cage in John and Yoko’s Kitchen; Elegy Cage: Driving to Ma Peak’s for a Beer by Joseph Bathanti
Leave Mine, with Introduction by Ashley Paul
Determining Indeterminacy: The Legacy of John Cage by Dean Wilcox
Owenvarragh: A Belfast Circus on The Star Factory by Úna Monaghan & Martin Dowling
Blue with China Ink: Robert Motherwell’s Unlikely Homage to John Cage by Daniel Haxall
Mesosticage by Daniel Scandurra
Two Cages, One College: Cage at Black Mountain College, 1948 and 1952 by David Patterson
Making a Difference: Ramifications of Unity and Diversity, Repetition and Variation, in the Work of John Cage by Steve Lansford
Imaginal Landscapes by Steve Lansford
Anarchism – Buddhism – Contingency. Empty Words and (a)political art of John Cage by Jerzy Luty
Multimedia Performance for BMC International Conference 2011 by Damian Catera
Perilous Nights and Shaggy Nags: The Influence of Joseph Campbell on John Cage by Edward Crooks
Remembrance of Interviews Past: Cage (and Me) by Lili Corbus
John Cage at Black Mountain: A Preliminary Thinking by Mary Emma Harris